We’ve got answers for the most regularly asked questions below, but if you still need help don’t hesitate to get in touch

The Food

Our OnePots are perfect for a convenient lunch (or whenever) - a selection of vegan stews, curries and hotpots containing everything you need to keep you going all afternoon SuperSoups are exactly that! Delicious and nourishing soups to be enjoyed whenever the mood takes you. RealMeals are ideal for dinner - more substantial vegan meal trays for when you don't have time to cook something tasty and nutritious yourself.

We select our suppliers carefully, making sure we get the best quality ingredients for a price that means you won't pay the earth for our meals. Where we can, we like to source locally such as our quinoa from The British Quinoa Company, spelt from Sharpham Park and
grains from Doves Farm.

Every pack has specific instructions for how to cook your meal and make sure it's as delicious as possible. All our meals can be cooked in the microwave. OnePots and SuperSoups can also be cooked on the hob and RealMeals in the oven. Some of our RealMeals are best in the oven and some in the microwave. We'll make sure it's super clear which is best. Don't forget every cooker or microwave varies so it's always worth using your own judgment to adjust time and temperatures.

All allergens are called out in bold in the ingredients lists on the back of pack and also are in the details of the meals on the website here. You can filter meals by allergens.If you're in any doubt though please don't hesitate to get in touch to check.

We make all our meals by hand in our kitchens in south east London

We understand not all our meals are for everyone so if you didn't enjoy them we have a Great Taste Guarantee which means we will refund the value of any meal you didn't like, no quibbles.

We love ideas! Drop us a line here with your ideas and you never know, we may turn it into one of our meals


It's simple. Head to the menu page and select which meals you'd like to order. Once you've picked your meals then head to the checkout where you can choose your delivery day and whether you want to subscribe. From there you will enter your delivery and paymet details. It's also where you can enter a discount code. Don't forget all orders over £34.99 get free delivery!

No! There's no obligation to subscribe - you can buy as a one off delivery. Subscriptions do benefit from an ongoing discounted rate and are super flexible, meaning you can swap up your meals, choose your delivery frequency, pause, skip or cancel your order. You're in control!

You can make changes to your order via your account page up to 48 hours before delivery. We will send you an email reminder about this three days before your order too.

You can cancel your order up until 48 hours before delivery is due. Just head to your account page and hit the cancel button. Don't forget you can pause your deliveries for up to 4 weeks or skip a delivery. So if you're away for a while or just want a break you don't need to cancel and resubscribe.

Head to your account section here and click Edit to update your contact details.

You generous person! Yes, you can buy e-gift cards which can be emailed directly to the recipient or you can have them emailed to yourself if you want to print them off. Find them here.

You can apply your discount code at checkout in the dedicated discount code box. Only one discount can be used per transaction.

We accept all major credit and debit cards as well as PayPal and Google Pay

These things happen from time to time. Make sure your details are entered correctly and that your card is in date. If you're still having issues then feel free to get in touch and we can try to take payment over the phone.

There is no minimum requirement but all orders over £34.99 (before discounts are applied) get free delivery. Any orders under this amount will be charged a £9.99 shipping fee.

Your recurring orders will be automatically charged 2 days before your delivery date. We'll send you a reminder the week before, so you have time to make any last minute changes, or skip that delivery. You can do this in your account online, or drop us a message and we'll be happy to help.


Our OnePots and SuperSoups are created to be stored chilled, making them quick and easy to prepare, but if you'd like to freeze them they can be kept for up to 3 months in the freezer before defrosting and heating. Our RealMeals are flash frozen to lock in the taste and nutrients and they should be stored frozen.

OnePots and SuperSoups can be stored in the fridge until their use by date or otherwise can be frozen for up to 3 months. RealMeals should be kept frozen and cooked from frozen.

RealMeals can be cooked straight from frozen. If you have frozen your OnePots and SuperSoups you can either defrost them in the fridge and cook from chilled, or cook from frozen. Just make sure to adjust the timings so they are piping hot!

Where to buy

Apart from buying directly from us you can find Soulful in a range of supermarkets and other stores.
Our list of stockists* can be found HERE.

We are always on the look out for new stockists, so if you know somewhere locally you'd like to see Soulful products, LET US KNOW and we can get in touch.

We are always looking for new and exciting food outlets so please get in touch to discuss further. We can even supply point-of-sale and branded soup kettles to help.

Packaging & delivery

We deliver to most of the UK mainland but unfortunately our chilled delivery courier can’t reach some more remote areas of picturesque Scotland and the Islands. To double check if we can deliver to your address follow this link, enter your postcode and check the Next Day Delivery service is available:

Our outer packaging and the sleeves on our meals are all made from sustainable cardboard. Our insulation is made from either sheeps wool or recycled denim (that's where those old jeans went!). The pots for our OnePots and SuperSoups are made from recyclable plastic (and they can be reused - see here for inspo). The RealMeal trays can be recycled after they've been rinsed.

All our packaging is reusable (the outer delivery boxes, insulation and ice packs) and/or recyclable. We encourage everyone to return their packaging so we can reuse it over and over. If you would like to return your Soulful delivery box and insulation to be reused you can print a returns label off here:
If you don't have a printer drop us a line at and we
will send you a label. Our OnePots and SuperSoups can make great storage pots too - perfect for leftovers or keeping ingredients fresh in the fridge (get inspo here for how to reuse them). Our RealMeal trays and all cardboard sleeves are recyclable but do check local authorities for details.

Yes you can. We encourage everyone to return their packaging so we can reuse it over and over. If you would like to return your Soulful delivery box and insulation to be reused you can print a returns label off here:
If you don't have a printer drop us a line at and we
will send you a label.

We encourage people to return the outer packaging and insulation so we can use it again, helping us to reduce waste.

If you would like to return your Soulful delivery box and insulation to be reused you can print a returns label off here:

If you don't have a printer drop us a line athello@soulfulfood.comand we
will send you a label.

Delivery is free on all orders over £34.99 and on our pre-selected Bundles. Otherwise our chilled carbon-neutral delivery is £9.99.

We deliver Monday to Friday except Bank Holidays

Yes it is. We work with DPD who offset all deliveries to make them carbon neutral.

No problem! Your meals are wrapped in upcycled insulation and will keep fresh until you’re home the night of your delivery. You can also pick a ‘safe place’ for your box in the DPD app (download in Apple Store or Google Play).

Yes, you can track your order - we will send updates via email and text where you can access the DPD site and use your tracking number to stay up to date.

Unfortunately we don't currently offer weekend delivery.

My account & subscription

You can log in to your account by clicking the 'person' icon. Enter your email and the password you set up. Don't worry if you've forgotten your password, just hit the 'Forgotten password' link to reset it.

Head to your account and
then you can update delivery and billing information in the relevant sections

Log in to your account and head to deliveries where you can choose to pause for up to 4 weeks (after which they will automatically start again) or just skip the next delivery. Changes can be made up to 3 days before your next delivery is due.

Sure thing. Just log into your account to swap up your meals. We’ll email you a reminder 3 days before your box is due to arrive, so you’ve got time to mix things up. Variety is the spice of life!

Log in to your account where you can choose to cancel your subscription. Don't forget that you can change the frequency of your deliveries, pause them for up to 4 weeks or skip your next delivery. And don't forget we have over 20 meals to choose from so if you're bored, why not switch them up? Changes can be made up to 3 days before your next delivery is due.

Of course. We can deliver every 1, 2 or 4 weeks to suit your needs. Just pick which frequency you want in your account page. Changes can be made up to days before your next delivery is due.

Rewards & refer a friend

Our Soulful Stars programme is simple. For every ten pounds you spend you get 50 stars. Every star is worth 1p. You can build up stars which can be redeemed against future orders to get money off. Stars can also be earned by taking actions like signing up for our newsletter, following us on social media and
referring a friend.

It’s easy, just click the gift logo in the bottom of your screen and follow the signup process. Then every time you head to you’ll automatically be logged in

Head to Your Rewards and copy the discount code to use against your next order

Soulful Stars can be used to get money off your next Soulful Orders, making them even better value for money!

Absolutely. Head to the Referral section of your Soulful Stars page and copy the referral code. This will give your friend £5 off their first order and when they place the order you'll get £5 too. Win win!

Something else

Refugee Community Kitchen serves hot, nourishing meals to those fleeing war, poverty, persecution and climate change in Northern France and the UK. They believe food is a human right. Everyone deserves food that we’d be happy to eat at our own tables. RCK's kitchens provide not only food, but community - by bringing people together to connect over hearty, healthy meals. They create warmth, nourishment and connection - basic things all people need, but sadly not all people get due to situations out of their control. Soulful donates 8% of its profits to RCK to help buy ingredients and equipment, allowing them to serve over 25,000 meals a month. Find out more about RCK here.

B-Corp believe profitable business can be a power for good. They are committed to redefining success in business and building a more inclusive and sustainable economy.
We're proud to have been accredited as a B-Corp, but it doesn't mean we can sit back - we can always improve. We are still working to further reduce our waste, source energy from carbon neutral or positive sources, and improve life at Soulful HQ for our team. If you'd like to find out more about being a B-Corp click here.

There are often new roles coming up across the business. If you would like to become part of Soulful send us your CV and a note on what role you think you'd be best suited to. We can't promise there are always vacancies but it's great to be connected and you never know what may happen in future.