My childhood was spent in the rolling pastures of the West Country. The whole family were sports-mad, spending any free-time in or on the sea, cycling country lanes or up a mountain. These hobbies gave me my first understanding of the relationship between nutrition and lifestyle.

All that energy has to come from somewhere! My Dad was a pilot and my Mum was cabin crew, but they both refused to eat airline food. Together they made incredible packed meals using seasonal home-grown vegetables with inspiration coming from the many far off places they visited. Some of my happiest memories are of sitting in the kitchen, watching them conjure up culinary delights... and being the official taste tester, of course.

Fast forward 15 years, and I’d run away to the big city where I was sat at a desk, working late and eating terribly! Lunch was a bland sandwich, and when I eventually dragged myself home each night, I had no energy to cook. One night as I waited for the microwave to ping, I recalled watching my parents. And then it hit me. It wasn’t that I was too tired to eat well; I was too tired because I wasn’t eating well. So I began rustling up my own nutritious packed lunches. Office buddies were intrigued and before too long I was cooking extra good mood food to share around.

I left the desk job in 1999, gathering together a team of like-minded soulful folk. We restored a shiny vintage Airstream trailer, christened her 'Betsy', and hit the London street food markets. Our nourishing meals were soon helping busy workers thrive, but there was still a hunger to reach beyond the capital.

So glorious British summers were spent touring the country’s festivals dishing up a hearty, wholesome menu to keep revellers invigorated. (Dancing in a field in your wellies requires seriously good fuel!) With lots of new fans discovered, it only seemed fair that they should be able to enjoy Soulful's natural goodness all year round.

And so, with the help of some brilliant chefs from around the world, the Soulful OnePot was created. Our recipes are healthy and balanced so you can always have a delicious food experience! Now that’s Soulful!

Iain Burke-Hamilton, Founder

Our mantras. We like to call them Soulfulisms


Life’s a juggling act! Everything we do is focused on helping our customers tailor their eating habits to best suit their lifestyle.


We provide honest and transparent information about where we source our ingredients and what’s in our food.


All our food is handcrafted in small batches by people who care, to ensure we produce the very best food we can.


We combine the best local produce with flavours from all four corners of the globe. This helps us make great culturally diverse food without the air miles.


At Soulful Food, passion is our most vital ingredient. We love what we do and that’s why we’re doing OK.


Good healthy food keeps you smiling all day. We make food that makes you smile and sing on the inside too. Now that’s Good Mood Food!